Love, God

Our days are jam packed. When we rise in the morning we hit the ground running, and are most likely not stopping until we lay in our beds at night ready to end the day. I know for a fact I am not only speaking for myself. In our days, we are also doing things for others. If you’re anything like me, most of your day is like that. From doing what our bosses tell us to do, to helping our friends and family. Does it ever stop? Recently, I have felt more and more like this. Normally I am all for extending a helping hand, giving that ride, helping that single mom with childcare, lending money, or just being a listening ear. We strive to give “With a cheerful heart” 2 Corinthians 9:7, but even the most cheerful givers loose their strive, and that is what happened to me.

I most recently went through a season of doing. Every weekend I was doing something, for my children, family, or friends. SN: Doesn’t it seem like when you start to do things for others they never let up,or someone else catches wind and starts to ask also? Anyway, this was my situation. By nature I am a giver, and Jesus calls us to be givers and servants. That’s what I was doing. But it began to be too much and my servants heart turned into a burden. I began to get exhausted, and irritated. I wondered and asked God, why was He using me to do so much for others when I feel like I am being looked over, used, and unappreciated. Not only that I was in need myself, and who was coming to my aide…. Selfish, I know. But I was over it! Earlier that same week I had read a devotional that stated, ” I see you with a steady eye”, this sentence jumped out at me, but I didn’t really think much of it. My prayers that night were more of a cry out to God. All I could get out with tears in my eyes was, “God, I need to know that you see me!”

That next day was a normal day of getting the kids ready for school and going off to work. Mid-day I received a card in an envelope in the mailbox where I worked, along with some money in it the card read:

“Much more often than you know, you’re thought about warmly, cared about always, and wished every good thing.

Love, God 

Tears. filled. my. eyes! And for a moment I was completely taken aback. Never mind the money that was in the card, but God spoke to me! The one who earlier in that same week let me know through a devotional that He sees with a “steady eye,” has now answered a specific prayer that has to do with Him seeing me! All I could do was thank Him over and over again while still in shock. But at the same time that was confirmation. Everything I go through, every favor I do, every exhausting task I take on, God sees me. Although I feel overlooked here in the world, His steady eye is forever on me. His strength is given, and I am restored when I feel weak.

God is so faithful and He always shows up when we need Him the most. We just have to have the faith that He will. We tend to feel so overlooked and pushed to the brink in our daily lives, we forget there is always our loving Heavenly Father who see us, and who loves us so unconditionally. My prayer for you all is to never forget you are now and forever the apple of God’s eye. Yes, we may be the one doing all the favors, and the one who feels overlooked, but God is looking down at His beloved with love in His eyes.

Love and blessings,


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